My own personal ‘The Crazy’

July 16, 2008

So, my hubby was out of town on business all last week. I did pretty good for the most part, but on Thursday night The Crazy started to creep up on me. We played Scrabulous on Facebook and chatted ’til after 9, and then he announced he was going to head out to dinner and hang at the bar across from his hotel for awhile. No worries, he’d done the same all week. I told him to call me when he got back. I was thinking he probably wouldn’t be out too late since his allergies had been bothering him something fierce.

When I turned the lights out around midnight (1 a.m. where he was), still no call. My dreams were plagued with images of him hooking up for a one-nighter. He called about an hour later, but by then I was more than half asleep and it was a hi, bye conversation.

I got to thinking the next day about why, after nearly seven years together, exchanging vows, and with no reason for me to doubt him, is The Crazy so close at hand. I know it’s rooted in my past relationships, so for your analysis – the path to my own personal ‘The Crazy’.


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