19 Days

May 28, 2008

I’ve spend half of the day* reading Trip Advisor reviews on the Aventura Spa Palace. In 19 days I’ll be in the position to start my own review. Cannot. wait. Oh, yeah – it’s also 19 days until my one year wedding anniversary – kisses, honey! 🙂

I have the highest hopes for this resort; it’s all-inclusive, adults only, 20 minutes from Playa and just under an hour from Cancun. Built-in, two person jacuzzi tubs in all the rooms, that look out over the balcony, all of which have a hammock.

I’m so ready for a vacation I practically have one sun-burned shoulder out the door. It’s not really that work is bad right now, it’s just so… mundane. It’s the same boring thing every day. That should change in the coming months since I just got a promo to a new position (including a healthy salary bump), but first we have to back fill my position before I get to start doing fun new things.

*Other half of the day has been spent starting from the beginning of Amalah’s story. I’ve been reading her recent stuff the past few months, and decided to turn back to Chapter One. It’s interesting to see such a heavily trafficed blogger from the beginning, when hardly anyone was reading and no one was commenting. That’s what inspired me to blow the dust off of this here bad boy.


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