Before I met my now hubby, I was finally at a place where I was getting over a very bad, five-year long, off and on relationship. I had dropped about 40 lbs, and was ready to ‘put myself back out there’. The problem was, I didn’t know how to meet new people. I’d only dated the one guy all through college, and now I was out, working for a 15-person company. I already knew all my friends’ friends. It was 2001, and despite the stigma, I wasn’t too proud to give online dating a shot.

It was great – back then, you could still do 30 day free trials on just about every site, so I started trolling. And boy, did I pick up some gems. There was the one guy who was so friggin’ big, I was actually scared a little bit when I met him. (I didn’t require pics from the guys I chatted with – what was on the inside was so much more important – hah!)

And the guy who was in a roller coaster club and wanted to be a professional volleyball player. From my e-mail, he found the address of my company, and just showed up one day. He wanted to go to a happy hour that night, and I hadn’t responsed quickly enough to him through IM. After he left, my boss came through and asked, “What’s that smell?” Never a good sign…

I actually dated another guy for a couple of months. He treated me like a princess, something that had been seriously lacking in my prior relationship, so I thought that made up for his… eccentricities. We went to watch Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and I was concerned because he was Dyslexic. He said it was okay, he spoke Chinese. When I said, “No you don’t!” He said, “Well, I used to”. He also claimed he could hold his breath for 9 minutes, and despite a 30-minute argument with my friend would not concede that 7+4 did not equal 12. Once, when I didn’t go see him until a Sat. night when I had said we could send the day together, he confessed he had eaten an entire box of cheesecake snacks.


Riot Act

April 24, 2008

Last night my hubby, his bff and a friend of mine from college (those two are now dating) and I went to see the Kids in the Hall. The show was great, if a little short (about 90 mins). Bad weather was rolling in, and even inside the large amphitheater, the rolling thunder overran the mics a few times. The best was when, in the middle of a skit about an imaginary girlfriend whom Dave Foley was imagining was unfaithful, the thunder timed perfectly with Kevin McDonald imagining she’d been in a car wreck. Dave expressed the impressiveness of the sound effects, “Wow – great sound effects! It’s like you could actually hear the car wreck. I’m going to have to work really hard not to imagine a tornado right now!”

Enjoy Your Purchase

April 23, 2008

This last weekend we went out of town for a friend’s wedding. The day we left, I had to run to the store for some last minute purchases. I ended up at the checkout with three bottles of wine, three loaves of bread, a b-day gift card, a candle, and a 8 pack of D batteries. I bet the checkout lady thought my plans were much more exciting than they actually were…

Still kickin’

April 16, 2008

I think it’s a bad sign when it’s been so long since your first post that you’ve forgotten your wordpress username. Sigh. The thing is, I just honestly don’t feel like my life is nearly exciting enough to interest/engage an audience. I can barely keep myself up past 10 p.m., how do I expect to keep readers from falling asleep at their computer screen?

Well, right now this is more for me anyway (given the fact that I haven’t given this blogs name to one person, and don’t use it attached to my comments I’ve left on other blogs. You, know – both of them. Yes – in the four months since I made the giant leap into the blogosphere, I’ve managed to leave a total of TWO comments on others blogs. Another Sigh.

I think my biggest problem is I’m too concerned about being judged. Even in the online forum I frequent with my closest friends, I censor myself – I’m afraid I’ll come across too ignorant, too mean, too ‘trying too hard’. And these people know me – what if I leave a comment on a strangers blog and it comes across snarky? I don’t want to be that girl. Over analyze much?

Anyway, just thought I’d drop back in and at least put a few words down… I think the thing that’s going to work better for me is to jump in and make short posts when something strikes me, instead of trying to save it up and make a longer entry. I’m out of town all weekend, so my goal is to post again… let’s be realistic… by the end of the month. If I can’t make that happen, I might as well just start saving a Word doc to type in, because really, what’s the point?!