First Glimpse

December 19, 2007

Not having any idea where to start, I chose the beginning, which seemed somewhat logical. A number of the blogs I read have done A to Z’s recently, so I thought that might be a good place to jump off. And, that’s actually how I came up with the name of my blog. When I read back through the list, Q really stood out to me as being so true. I’m kind of plain Jane, but would love a little bit of cinnamon thrown in to spice things up. I’m not asking to go crazy with some super hot pepper, but just a little bit of the unexpected might be nice…

 Without further ado(adieu?) Рmy A to Z:

A: Anonymous. I’m not sure yet whether I want an anonymous blog or not… on the one hand, I know it will be a lot more interesting and I’ll be less reserved if it is, but on the other, do I want to waste all my fantastic wit and creativity on strangers? (kidding!)

B: Budget. My husband and I have just finished month one of the The Budget. We’re doing a class called Financial Peace, but believe me it has been anything but peaceful. In the second week, I learned he had about $3K in debt that I knew nothing about, and was paying minimum payments on another card with a low balance, but with a 29.9% interest rate. Shortly thereafter, he revealed he’d missed two boat payments, and an electric payment. Not too hard to see why I’m now the one in charge of finances…

C: Comments. What I’m going to have to start leaving on all the other people’s blogs I’ve been lurking on for the past year or so, if I want any hope of building up a readership of my own…

D: Diet. Sigh – the most offensive four-letter word I know. Given that I’m tipping the scales at my highest ever weight and have gained back the 20 lbs it took me eight months to lose for the wedding in only four months, something I will shortly be getting re-acquainted with.

E: Escape. The clock says 4:33, so I’m about to make my break and end this Tuesday the right way – with beer. Can’t imagine where those 20 lbs came from… Also – ellipses. Entirely overused, but a very easy way to end a sentence that you think needs lingering thought…

F: Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. Love me some Margaret Mitchell.

G: Gum. My mother was very fond of the saying, “A gum chewing girl and a cud chewing cow, are quite the same, but different somehow. Ah, yes – there it is – I see it now. The intelligent look on the face of the cow.” Model of supportive criticism, my ol’ ma.

H: Howdy. Invisible to you, but it’s been 36 hours since I started this list. To get to H. Maybe I don’t have as much free time at work as I thought I was going to have to work on a blog…

I: Irritated. How I feel most of the day at my job.

J: Jaded – should I really be this jaded already? I’ve only worked here a year and a half and already shrug my shoulders at about half the assignments given, because I don’t really believe they’ll go anywhere.

K: Kreative. Get it? I spelled it with a K. That’s K-razy!!

L: Laughable. The idea that anybody will be interested enough in my boring life to read even this far in my A-Z list.

M: Method to the madness. Anybody who claims there is one is only trying to cover up the fact that there’s not/convince themselves that there is.

N: Newbie. Technically I’m not one. I’ve done one travel blog already, but only b/c I was in Siberia for a month and wanted to keep all my friends and families updated with my daily goings-on. Unfortunately, since I’m still deciding if I want to be anonymous or not, I can’t exactly link to it to prove my writing prowess.

O: Obnoxious. Thin line between trying to funny and lauding one’s self at the same time. I’m much better at self-deprecation.

P: Painful. Hopefully this experience will prove not to be – for both you and me.

Q: Quirky. I wish I was. Vanilla can be a good flavor, but I’d much rather lead a cinnamon life.

R: Ready. To get the first post out of the way and see if I can sustain my writing for more than a week.

S: Supernatural. I only catch this show on the DVR, but I have the hugest crush on Jensen Ackles. Super cutie/Bad boy/me likey very much.

T: Tips. You got any for me on improving my writing? What are y’all interested in know about after this a-z glimpse?

U: University. I would love for my career path to steer me back to one. I just love the environment of a higher-learning institution. I don’t think I have the patience to be a professor, though, so ideally it would be in a more support type position.

V: Veritas. I took three years of Latin in High School, and only remember about half a dozen things I learned.

W: Water. I love, love to swim, to boat, the ocean, the lake, the pool, a pond. I wanted to a mermaid when I was a little girl.

X: X-Factor. Some people have it, some people don’t. I wonder if you can develop it later in life?

Y: Yep. This is it. The first post. Rah!

Z: Zanzibar. Haven’t actually been there, but I bet very few people end their a-z list with it, and I’m ALL about originality.


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